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An ideal housewarming gift and a great way to update your kitchen, this special set from Breville contains three versatile appliances you’ll use every day. Prepare a feast in the Smart Oven Pro with Convection. It includes a slow-cook feature, so you can simmer food up to 10 hours at low temperatures – great for flavor-rich stews, chili and pot roasts. Whip up perfectly blended smoothies and soups with the multitasking Fresh & Furious Blender, which boasts the innovative Kinetix® Bowl and Blade system. The Barista Express Espresso Maker creates a great cup of coffee, from bean to brew, in less than a minute.

  • Smart Oven Pro with Convection includes 10 preset functions: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, Warm and Slow Cook; optional convection fan cooks food up to 30% faster than traditional cooking; Element IQ® automatically adjusts power of heating elements for fast, even cooking.
  • Fresh & Furious Blender is equipped with powerful motor and 8 task controls: 5 variable speeds (Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree and Liquify), plus 3 preprogrammed buttons (Crushed Ice/Auto Pulse, Green Smoothie and Smoothie); Kinetix Bowl and Blade system has central blades that draw ingredients down, plus wide-sweeping blades that hug bottom of pitcher to crush, chop, whip and aerate; surgical-grade stainless-steel blades create vortex that produces exceptionally uniform mixtures.
  • Barista Express Espresso Maker features 15-bar Italian-made pressure pump that ensures maximum extraction of flavor from coffee; interchangeable filters and choice of automatic or manual operation ensure perfect results; built-in conical sintered-steel burr grinder produces precise grinds; 15 settings allow you to customize grind from fine to coarse.

Set includes (see More Info tab for details):

  • Smart Oven Pro with Convection
  • Fresh & Furious Blender
  • Barista Express Espresso Maker

Dimensions & More Info

Smart Oven Pro with Convection

  • 13" diam. nonstick pizza pan
  • Baking tray
  • Broiling tray
  • Crumb tray
  • Model #BOV845BSS.
  • Slow Cook function has Hi and Lo settings; keeps food warm at end of cycle.
  • "Frozen food" button adds cooking time to defrost then cook frozen food.
  • Temperature adjusts from 120°F–450°F.
  • Temperature button converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • 2-hour timer with auto shutoff.
  • Easy-to-read digital display.
  • Nonstick interior.
  • Automatic light turns on at end of cooking cycle or whenever light button is pressed.
  • Magnetic auto-eject rack slides out when door is opened.
  • 25W halogen lightbulb is easy to replace.
  • Brushed stainless-steel housing.
  • Compact size saves counter space.
  • Exterior: 18 1/2" x 15 3/4" x 11" high.
  • Interior: 13 1/4" x 11 1/4" x 5" high.
  • 22 lb. 12 oz.
  • 1800W.

Fresh & Furious Blender

  • 7" x 8" x 17 1/4" high.
  • 50-fl.-oz. cap.
  • 8 lb. 8 oz.
  • 1100W/120V.
  • Model #BBL620.
  • High-grade plastic base has brushed stainless-steel and chrome finish.
  • BPA-free copolyester pitcher is marked with graduated measurements.
  • Breville Assist™ Lid with unique ring pull design ensures lid is easy to remove yet sealed tight during use.
  • LED display counts up on speed settings and down on preprogrammed settings for complete control.
  • One-touch versatility with illuminated preprogrammed buttons.

Barista Express Espresso Maker

  • 12" x 12 1/4" x 14 1/2" high.
  • 67-fl.-oz.-cap. water tank.
  • 8-oz.-cap. bean hopper.
  • 19-fl.-oz.-cap. milk pitcher.
  • 27 lb. 6 oz.
  • 1600W.
  • Model #BES870XL.
  • Precise grind dosing dispenses correct amount of coffee for single or double shots and can be adjusted to your preferences.
  • Low-pressure pre-infusion of coffee for optimal extraction.
  • Water filter eliminates impurities for better-tasting coffee.
  • Airtight coffee bean hopper preserves freshness and aroma.
  • Integrated tamper with pressure guide.
  • Adjustable brew temperature.
  • 360° swivel steam wand with frothing nozzle froths milk for lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Features extra-large water tank and dedicated hot-water outlet.
  • Dry-puck function removes excess water from grinds after extraction, resulting in easy disposal.
  • Stainless-steel housing with aluminum castings.
  • Comes with stainless-steel frothing pitcher, scoop and cleaning kit.
  • Built-in storage tray holds accessories when not in use.

Additional Information

  • These products are intended for use in the United States and Canada, and are built to United States electrical standards.
  • Designed and engineered in Australia; made in China.

Breville Customer Service

  • 1.866.273.8455

Use & Care

Smart Oven Pro with Convection


  • Oven must be placed at least 4" from adjacent walls for adequate air circulation;
  • exterior of unit heats up when in use.
  • Exercise caution when using pans and dishes constructed of materials other than metal. Ensure ceramic and glass pans and dishes are oven safe to prevent cracking.
  • Avoid using utensils on nonstick interior.


  • Nonstick pizza pan, baking tray, broiling tray and crumb tray are dishwasher safe. However, we recommend hand-washing to extend life of accessories. Wash in warm soapy water with soft sponge or plastic scouring pad. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents, abrasive cleansers and scouring pads.
  • Clean exterior and interior with damp cloth. Do not touch or clean quartz heating elements.
  • Clean door with glass cleaner or damp cloth. Use soft plastic scouring pad to remove stubborn residue.

Fresh & Furious Blender


  • Pitcher and lid are dishwasher safe.
  • Hand-wash blades.
  • Wipe base clean with damp cloth.

Barista Express Espresso Maker


  • Hand-wash drip tray.
  • Clean steam wand and frothing attachment after each use. Purge milk from wand then wipe with damp cloth. Remove attachment and rinse in warm water.
  • Rinse filters and holders under hot water immediately after use.
  • Wipe brew head interior clean with damp cloth.
  • Wipe exterior clean with damp cloth.
  • Decalcify machine every 2–3 months with liquid decalcifying agent. Do not use powdered decalcifying agents.